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About Our Company

Since its establishment in 1994 by Mr.Yonel Elizee, Vereli Products Inc, has been actively participating in international trading. We oversee the development and sales of two brands of food products; Rika and Sesa.

The company is based in Miami, Florida and manages its subsidiaries in Haiti.  We specialize in selling and distributing conserved foods such as spaghetti, milk and cooking oil.  We ensure to provide our markets with quality products at the best prices by working with the worlds most renowned manufacturers.

Our primary brand RIKA, is currently the most successful product line in Haiti, due to the loyalty of our Haitian consumers. We are looking to expand our target market internationally, and expose more countries to Vereli Products' complete product line, through our Sesa brand, while respecting our standards of high quality, nutritional, and affordable prices.

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